Berkshire Communities

is proud to offer SureDeposit at its professionally managed communities.

For Residents

Keep More Money for Yourself

SureDeposit means your budget goes farther: a bigger apartment, a membership to a health club, new furniture. There are literally dozens of better things to do with your money than use it for a security deposit.

One SureDeposit Premium Can Last a Long Time

To take advantage of SureDeposit, simply read and complete a Bond Acknowledgment Form when your new lease is approved and pay the one-time nonrefundable premium. With SureDeposit, you only pay once for the life of your tenancy. Stay for one year or fifty years, all for the same one-time payment.

Simplify the Move-Out Process

After you pay your last month's rent and honor the other conditions of your lease, you simply move out without any further obligation. If you have not fulfilled your commitments under the lease, we must pay to reimburse the Property Owner and you (the resident) will be required to reimburse the surety company for damages, loss of rent and related expenses. For a fuller explanation, please click here.

Is SureDeposit the right choice for me?

SureDeposit always provides you with the benefit of being able to move into an apartment for less cash than a security deposit would require. The cost for this benefit is the one-time, non-refundable premium payment you make to enroll in SureDeposit.

With SureDeposit, you will have the use of a sum of money that otherwise would be sitting with the landlord for the duration of your tenancy. You can use that money to pay down your credit card debt (reducing your interest expense) or pay off a loan (improving your credit). Maybe you can use the money to make an investment that will provide you with a return. These factors all play into the financial analysis to determine what is best for you.

In general, the longer you plan to stay in your apartment, the better SureDeposit's one time premium is for you. If you plan on staying 6 months or less, this is generally not as economical as a traditional security deposit.